Tracking trends for beauty and personal care

Tracking trends for beauty and personal care
The world and society are constantly changing and new "mega trends" continue to emerge. These trends are triggered by changes in lifestyle and sociodemographic factors, but they also influence and shape people, creating new habits and needs among consumers.
But what do these big trends mean for the personal care sector? For example, how do we react to the fact that by 2030, the number of people 60 years of age or older in the world will have doubled compared to 2000? Or that, in some countries, Millennials with numerical knowledge now make up the largest proportion of the population? In addition, new countries are beginning to emerge and influence the lifestyles and habits of the world, for example, the South Korean trend of "glass skin" is changing in the western world and in the main perfume stores. and department stores create their corners of K-Beauty. in stock. These are just some of the factors that play a role in defining the values ​​and beliefs of society. and evolve rapidly

What are the driving beauty trends?
Trends originate in our society and have different life cycles. A demographic trend could last about 20 years, for example, while a fashion or fashion could last only a few years. The trend levels that are most relevant to the personal care industry are somewhere between sociocultural trends (10-15 years) and more specifically the lifestyle (2-5 years). Lifestyle trends are often the visible expression of deeper sociocultural changes, caused by global phenomena such as population aging or concerns about climate change and pollution, for example. To mention just two.

What are the current beauty trends and how are they expressed in consumer behavior?
At DSM, we constantly work to identify and anticipate trends in beauty and personal care. We see this as a critical aspect to support our customers in the creation of products from the idea to the launch. It is also the way we inspire the market with innovative formulations and ingredients. Our studies, collaborations and commitment to beauty professionals and influencers provide us with a wide range of valuable information about what consumers around the world expect from their short and long-term beauty products. Based on our latest research, we have identified five main territories of beauty trends, all influenced by lifestyle factors.

Healthy beauty
Beauty Aware
Beauty diversity
Quick beauty
Good beauty
These five fashion territories come alive through 21 different expressions. For example, Inner Balance's desire is an expression of Mindful Beauty's tendency to step back into a busy world to take care of our mental and emotional well-being. The current interest in the skin microbiome is an expression of the Healthy Beauty trend, where people increasingly seek to protect themselves from possible health problems in a personal and holistic way.

Each of these sub-trends requires solutions and requires a complete set of ingredients for skin, hair and sun care that address a specific area of ​​priorities, values ​​or needs. The SKM: YOGA program by DSM, for example, includes serums, foams and masks designed to treat stress-related problems, help the skin regain balance and promote a general sense of internal well-being.

Over time, we will develop similar ranges of ready-to-use formulations adapted to each of these trend expressions.

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