The Plugable NVMe Enclosure Has a Sleek, Compact Design

The Plugable NVMe Enclosure Has a Sleek, Compact Design

Sevenhugs Smart Remote U is a new remote control model for the smart home of the brand that aims to provide consumers with an entry-level solution when they want to improve the control of appliances in their living space. Priced at $ 199, the remote control has an elegant aesthetic and a touch screen interface completely devoid of physical buttons. This compares the remote control with a smartphone or other touch screen device that can be found at home to allow users to enjoy a more intuitive experience.

The Sevenhugs Smart Remote U is compatible with more than 650,000 smart home devices and also has WiFi, Bluetooth and infrared connectivity. The remote control is a powerful competitor of other smart control devices on the market and allows consumers to manipulate solutions at home without their smartphone.

The Sevenhugs U smart remote control controls everything in the house

NVMe Pluggable Enclosure is an elegant and powerful device for computer users looking for a way to maintain optimal storage capacity without resorting to traditional OEM solutions. Compatible with USB-A and USB-C hosts, the unit can be paired with the solid state drive (SSD) of your choice and requires no tool changes. This allows an SSD to be installed in seconds to provide extended storage capabilities to potential users that require additional space for their data.

The NVMe plug-in cabinet offers read and write speeds of over 900 Mbps, which makes it much faster than standard external cabinets. The ability to use both types of USB connection makes it suitable for desktop and laptop computers of all varieties.

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