Splash is an Sustainable Sterilizer That's Safe and Natural

Splash is an Sustainable Sterilizer That's Safe and Natural

For those affected by the amount of germs in our commonly used products, consider using Splash, a universal and ecological portable sterilizer. The ecological portable sterilizer includes three types of products: "Extra Shine", ideal for phones, "Hypoallergenic" that can be used in sensitive hands and "Kids Safe", harmless if ingested.

The virtually unbreakable product is rechargeable, but it can last weeks between refills. Splash also has a perfectly waterproof protective case made of airspace materials and a waterproof hood holder. The Splash nozzle is equipped with precision spray technology and the highest quality microfiber.

As cities become more populated, the amount of germs that people find increases daily. For consumers to be germ-free without traditionally using single-use plastic hand sanitizers, they can now be durable with the universal and ecological Splash sterilizer.

'RsQuake' helps players feel the action

The 'RsQuake' is a specialized device for unconditional players and e-sports enthusiasts that will offer them a way to improve the game for a more immersive experience.

Connected to your existing gaming computer, the device uses light and vibration technology to allow players to feel the action while participating in their session. The system uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect in real time what happens in the game and provides comments that will help blur the boundaries between reality and the game.

Developers can also use the 'RsQuake' to use a Software Development Kit (SDK) to create a specific experience for players with the unit to experience. This is a new generation solution that could transform the experiences that players can enjoy.

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