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DSM consumer survey
To investigate the barriers men face when buying sunscreen, understand their point of view and develop appropriate solutions, DSM established focus groups in four regions with men using products. Cosmetics for the care of the person but without SPF protection. We carry out a quantitative and qualitative study of the consumer to analyze the beauty routines of men and understand their barriers to using SPF products. We discover that men tend to focus on short-term rather than long-term vision. They want beauty products to be fast, simple and have many benefits, such as moisturizing, soothing and soothing ingredientsvi.

The study also found that men have a basic understanding of SPF and are unaware of products that offer SPF protection beyond traditional sunscreens. They know that sun exposure is risky, but they prefer to deal with the unwanted consequences later. Negative experiences with childhood sunscreen have also left a lasting impression: men associate sunscreen with a feeling of oily and oily products, non-absorbent properties and multiple applicationsviii. The packaging can also be an obstacle because sometimes it is perceived as childish and not as cherix.

The three winning concepts of DSM for sunscreen formulations
We request comments on various concepts of sunscreen formulation for the beach and daily use. We request advice on the positioning of the products and the appearance and ease of use of the packaging. Our application experts have translated three winning concepts into effective sunscreen formulations:

Bi my boyfriend! SPF 30, an innovative sunscreen formulation that provides a refreshing and non-greasy sensation. The light texture biphasic lotion was perceived as very pleasant to use.
Moisturizer after shave and face 3 in 1 with SPF 30, a light formula that soothes and moisturizes the skin. Multiple skin benefits and additional SPF protection to prevent sun damage, including the appearance of wrinkles and brown spots, were really attractive to focus groups.
Xpress Sun Defense Essence SPF 30, a lightweight and non-greasy sun care formulation with high sun protection. The format and the practical packaging, which can be used on the fly, were rented and the men were convinced that they would not feel fat and would not leave white marks.

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